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"Amelia is not only a very talented young musician but also a hard working person. Her ability to read music a vista is exceptional and her musicianship and harp technique remarkable. She is also very interested in many different kinds of music and likes to perform music from various periods of music history, which makes her very versatile. Another wonderful characteristic is her readiness and eagerness to play with all kinds of orchestras and chamber groups and every new project she finds enriching and gratifying."

Ewa Jaślar - předsedkyně Polského harfového spolku


"Ms. Tokarska is a scholarship holder in the Czech Chamber Music Academy since 2018 and belongs with no doubt to best harp players we currently have in our country. On the top of that, Ms. Tokarska is open minded and intelligent person who will always be warmly welcomed by any music society. Amelia Tokarska belongs to the young generation of musicians, who are capable not only of performing highly professional concerts, but also thinking about our environment and the question what is the purpose of the classical music nowadays."

Tomáš Jamnik - umělecký ředitel České akademie komorní hudby

"I met Ms Tokarska at one of my summer harp master classes I have been conducting in Poland over the years. During multiple classes I worked with Ms. Tokarska, she has proven to be a very promising young musician. She has the gift of a beautiful tone and reached the level of advanced technique."

Joanna Kozielska - Professeur Titulaire of Harp - City Conservatoires of Paris

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