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Workshops are a form of my activities, characterized by interaction, participation, and the audience's creative activity. I invited my mother to cooperate with her, who has been conducting art classes in the space of colors for many years, both in music and art.

Music workshops "A journey in the imagination" were created in cooperation with Katarzyna Dyga-Szymonowicz, who deals with many art areas (Psio crew, Etnograff). It is an offer for children and their families that stimulates the imagination through the sounds of Harp, percussion instruments, and told stories. Word and sound are answered in the artworks created by the participants at the end of the broadcast. The workshop is based on the theory of synesthesia combining music and art.

The "Graphic scores" workshop is an interdisciplinary proposal touching the creativity of the participants. Based on graphic proposals drawn by workshop participants, musical illustrations and harp improvisations are created. The classes are preceded by an introduction referring to the scores found in music literature.

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